In 2019, Lake Brunner celebrated its 60th year. To mark this occasion, the students and staff spent Term 3 looking into local history and interviewing a number of people who have called Moana and Lake Brunner home in past years. Enjoy these videos the children have made of some of the interviews, and celebrate our school and area's rich history with us.

(Photo - Opening Day, 1959. Care of John Crossan,

Elsie Perrie

Elsie Perrie, granddaughter of Helena Dense, after whom the local reserve is named, grew up in Moana when it was mostly farming land! Listen to her accounts of how life was as a child in the 1940s.

Elsie Perrie - School.mp4


Swimming in the lake, tunnels in sawdust and Santa at concerts

Elsie Perrie - Water tanks.mp4

Water Tanks

Water in tar barrels and a hard-working Dad!

Elsie Perrie - end of the war.mp4

End of the War

Celebrations in Moana with lots of good things to eat!

Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh was the principal of Lake Brunner School from 1967-1979. He spoke to all our students at an Assembly, and the stories he shared were recorded and used to make these videos.

Jim Walsh Memory - Class Fireplace.mp4

The Classroom Fireplace

Keeping warm and dangerous tricks the children played!

Jim Walsh Memory - Trains to Concert Practise.mp4

Train to Concert Practise

Going to Te Kinga Hall by train.

Jim Walsh Memory - Hole in the Ceiling!.mp4

Hole in the School House Ceiling!

Unexpected redecorating in the NEW school house!

Jim Walsh - Swimming

Swimming at School and in the Lake

Unexpected redecorating in the NEW school house!

Jim Walsh - How school was different.mp4

Audio file - How School was Different

Jim Walsh Memories of Lake Brunner School.pdf

PDF - Memories of Lake Brunner School

Jim Walsh - Pumping water for the pool.mp4

Audio file - Pumping Water for the Pool

Sheryl Hines

Sheryl Hines grew up in Moana and went to Lake Brunner School in the 1950-60s. She shares a number of fun childhood and school memories.

Sheryl Hines.mp4

Lynda Manning

A student in the 1970-80s, Lynda shares memories of wayward school buses, funny teachers and more.

Lynda Manning Memories.mp4

Anne Cooper

Anne regularly holidayed with her family at Lake Brunner in the 1970s. The train was a highlight!

Anne Cooper Memories.mp4

Anne Klempel

Retiring in 2019, Anne worked for 30 years at Lake Brunner School. She shares many memories!

Anne Klempel Memories .mp4

We have enjoyed exploring the stories connected with our school and area over the last sixty years. Look forward with us for sixty-plus more!