About Us

Lake Brunner School and Community

Lake Brunner School is situated in the township of Moana, which is located​ 30 kilometres northeast of Greymouth. Moana overlooks the picturesque Lake Brunner and impressive mountains of the Southern Alps.

Lake Brunner School is a decile 7, co educational, state school, catering for years 1 to 8. The new Lake Brunner School (2005) is a merger of Lake Brunner School, Rotomanu School and Otira children who had previously attended Arthur’s Pass School.

The school buildings have been developed and refurbished providing an excellent learning and working environment. The school grounds are spacious with spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The playground is used by the community, especially in the holiday periods.

Our vision is to develop successful students

​Our whole learning community contributed to this profile. This Year 8 student has been at Lake Brunner for a number of years and he/she:

  • Is a positive role model and
  • Has an ethic of citizenship and strong sense of community spirit
  • Has an attitude of respect and friendliness to all students, teachers, parents and visitors to the school
  • Is an ambitious, resilient and active learner in class and life
  • Shows respect for the environment and school facilities
  • Is a confident communicator in a range of different situations (written, listening and speaking)
  • Is digitally immersed, adept, inquiring and enterprising
  • Is a creative, higher order thinker
  • Is a self-regulated learner who can establish goals and work out how to achieve them
  • Has a healthy positive attitude to life (physical, mental and spiritual) and considers their own wellbeing
  • Has a growth mindset, is a risk taker, perseveres and shows resilience
  • Has been exposed to quality learning experiences so they have the knowledge to go forward into their secondary education confidently
  • Is ready to leave Lake Brunner School, and is excited about the opportunities offered in their new school and life

At Lake Brunner School we value:

R esilience ​

E nthusiasm

S triving for success ​

P ride ​

E xcellence

C ontributing ​

T eam Players

- I keep trying even when it is tough

- I am happy and positive at school

- I do my best and I am proud of what I achieve

- I care about how I act and think

- I achieve to my highest level

- I think and act in ways to help those around me

- I work well with others to achieve our goals