​Lake Brunner School 
​Contact Details

​21 Ahau Street, Moana​
P.O.Box 24, Moana, 7845
03 7380021

Principal ​
Sue Gibson​​

Teaching staff ​ ​
​Sarah Jakeway - Year 6 - 8; Sue Gibson - Year 0 -2; Sarah McClelland, Year 3 - 5

​​Support Staff
Anne Klempel - Office Administrator; Tania Rees - Teacher Aide

​School Hours​

School commences: 9.00 a.m.​
Morning Interval: 10.20 a.m. – 10.40 a.m.​
Lunch Break: 12.00 a.m. - 12.35 p.m.​
Afternoon Interval: 1.35 p.m. - 1.55 p.m.​
School ends for the day: 1.55 p.m. - 2.55 p.m.

Enrolment Requirements​
Please contact the school office for an enrolment pack. Information required includes:
  • ​Birth Certificate required for verification dates of birth for all new entrants. (5 years old) 
  • Child’s full name. 
  • Father's and Mother's full names. 
  • Occupation and Address. 
  • Telephone Number, with an alternative emergency number. 
  • Details of Health allergies, etc. 
  • Details of pre-schooling. 
  • Name of Family Doctor and a request for permission to contact the Doctor in an emergency in case of parents being unable to be contacted. 
  • Immunisation certificates. 
  • Serious illnesses, accidents and significant health problems. 

Personal Information​
​It is requested that any information given to the school at the time of enrolment be kept up to date. In the interest of your child’s welfare it is important that we know of any changes to contact numbers (both home & emergency), health issues or custody arrangements.

School Uniform​
​The Lake Brunner School uniform is compulsory and is to be worn when children are attending school or when away on EOTC events such as sports, cultural events or trips. Students wear their uniform with pride; no make up and jewellery to be worn (except ‘sleeper’ earrings).
A list of uniform requirements and suppliers is included with the enrolment pack.​ On enrolment the Board will provide all new entrant students with a sunhat.
All students are loaned a Hi Viz vest to wear while travelling to and from school and on EOTC events. The Board has made this mandatory to ensure the safety of all students. 


It is a Ministry of Education requirement that all absences be notified by parent/caregiver to the school on the day of the absence, or prior.​ Absence disrupts the child's learning and often affects others in the class. Missed time is difficult, if not impossible to make up. Please consider this before withdrawing your child for reasons other than illness. Absence messages can be left on the school's answer machine before 9am. 
Positive Learning Culture
At Lake Brunner School we have a positive learning culture based on the ......

We have a positive, respecting learning environment because:

 We respect ourselves by doing our best and acting with pride.
 We respect each other by keeping our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
 We respect our teachers by doing what we are asked straight away.
 We respect our school by looking after the property and the resources.
 We respect our parents by behaving in a way that would make them proud.
 Our teachers and visitors respect us and we follow the example they set.
 We take responsibility for our gear.
 We act in a responsible manner so everyone is safe and can learn.
 We take responsibility for the choices we make and accept the consequences.


When I treat people with respect they respect me.
When I talk openly and honestly teachers respect what I have to say.
Having a positive “I can” attitude means that I will be a super learner.
I will use ‘I’ messages when solving a problem.
When things go wrong I will ask a teacher to help me.

Parents and teachers working together help to build a positive learning environment for children.
I will contribute to the school learning environment at appropriate times when I can.
I will ensure that my child attends school every day which is critical for their continuous learning.
I support the school in seeking solutions for learning and behavioural issues.
I will actively support the school to find a resolution for my child if the issues are serious.


We will develop positive relationships with students and their families.
We will recognise individuality.
We will use evidence based strategies – positive phrasing, choice, conflict resolution
We will model effective social skills.
We will establish clear, fair expectations.
We will be consistent when implementing consequences.
We will deliver engaging programmes which meet the needs of students
We will openly communicate with parents and caregivers.

​Behaviour Management Procedure

1. Behaviour management will be based around the school expectations of respect and responsibility.

2. Teachers will establish positive classroom and playground cultures, with clear expectations and consequences. There will be a focus on the positive.

3. Positive social skills will be modelled, encouraged and explicitly taught through social skills programmes such as Bounce Back.

4. Senior students who are positive role models will be provided with leadership opportunities.

5. Minor problems will be dealt with in a suitable manner by the class teacher and may be reported to the principal.

6. For serious, and continued minor offences the behaviour will be reported to the principal and a four step system will be used.

First step is verbal contact with the parent/caregiver followed up with a formal written warning informing parents/caregiver of the behaviour.
Second step is a family conference with the principa/staffl to discuss the problem behaviour and develop a behaviour plan.
Third step is a stand down from school.

7. The principal will decide which step a student is placed on, depending on the nature of the behaviour.

8. In serious matters the principal may place a student on the final step. The B.O.T. will follow Ministry of Education guidelines in relation to stand downs and suspensions.
​​​Playground Safety​
​A staff member is on duty from 8:40am, and at break times to monitor behaviour and interact with our students in the playground. 

Please contact the classroom teacher if you have any concerns or worries about your child at school.​

​​Appointments with Class Teacher​
Teachers are happy to discuss pupils’ progress at any time during the year. However, in order that a suitable time can be arranged, parents are asked to first make an appointment by phone.​

Reporting to Parents​
Students' books are sent home at the end of each term. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk about your child’s learning with your child and to see where they are headed through ‘next steps’ feedback. Interviews are held in term 1 and in term if requested.  We encourage you and your child to be part of these valuable discussions about how we can all work together to support individual learning and progress. 
Written reports are issued at the end of terms 2 and 4. 

Home learning
Each class has a routine for home learning. Class teachers will advise parents of the routines. Children are given regular activities which are considered to be within the child’s capabilities and are linked to the classroom learning. 
Library Books​
Children are able to borrow up to two books at a time from the school library.​
Please take care of any books that your children have at home so that other children may also enjoy them.  
Sharing our learning​
We share learning at our assemblies which are held every Friday fortnight. The staff and student council organise events during the year and we enjoy seeing parents come down for a ‘run around’ with our students at lunchtime! If you would like to be involved in the classroom or observe work in the classroom at other times please give us a call to arrange a time.​

Technology Classes Greymouth High School​
​Year 7 and Year 8 children attend technology (manual) classes at Greymouth High School once a fortnight. The manual bus leaves school at 
8.50 a.m., returning by 2.45 p.m. The cost of this bus is met by the Ministry of Education. However, there is a fee per pupil for technology and the cost of materials used is the responsibility of the parents. Fees must be paid per term to Lake Brunner School, as our school is invoiced by Greymouth High School.​

It is important that all of our students develop confidence in the water.  When the pool is open and the season is under way children are expected to bring their togs everyday regardless of the weather. Towels and togs should be kept in a plastic bag to keep them separate from the rest of their belongings. A note or phone call is required if, for health reasons, your child is unable to go swimming. 

Hot food can be purchased on Tuesdays and Fridays.  A price list is included in the Enrolment Pack. Please send orders in a sealed envelope with the order written on the outside.
Children can bring food to be heated up in the oven on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The food must be wrapped in tin foil, and named.​

Stationery/Incidentals Account​
The school operates an Incidental Account for each family.  This account is used for stationery throughout the year and transport costs for school trips. Parents/caregivers are asked to ‘deposit’ $20 per child, $30 for two children and $40 for three or more children at the beginning of the year. An account record is kept for each family and a copy is sent home towards the end of each term to update parents of their account balance. A request for more funds may be made by the school during the year. Accounts are to be kept in credit. 

Transport to Sports / Learning Outside the Classroom (EOTC)
Rural children need to participate with other schools for sporting, cultural and educational events. Field trips, attending visiting performers/shows, educational visits away from school etc, are also part of the school EOTC programme. 
The school always appreciates the assistance of parents when transport is required. Children are charged $4 a trip if car transport is used. 
Families who provide transport are credited with this amount on their incidental account.​
School Buses
The school is serviced by two Ministry of Education funded bus runs.  Please ring the drivers before 7.15 a.m. or after 4.30 p.m. if your child is not travelling on the bus, or ring the family that is picked up before you. Please inform the school is their are changes to after school drop off arrangements; e.g. getting on or off at a relative or friend’s house. 
Each child travelling on the school bus is required to sign a Code of Conduct, which is also signed by the parent/caregiver and school.

School Gate Safety
When arriving to drop off or pick up your child/ren from school we request that you park on the school side of the road so children do not have to cross the road. We also request that children enter and exit vehicles on the footpath side of the road. Please do not park on the yellow painted lines in the bus bay besides the school gate.
First Aid Treatment to Pupils​
Should a child suffer an accident at school, he/she will be attended to, and if it is felt that a Doctor's advice is necessary, the parents or the emergency contact person will be contacted immediately.  Panadol/antihistamine will be given only if parents have included this information on the medical form. 
Emergency Closing​
​In the event of such extraordinary conditions as flooding, snow, high winds, pandemic etc., necessitating the emergency closing of the school, parents/caregivers will be notified by telephone. 
Notices of the school closing may also be broadcast over local radio stations. 

Dental Care Arrangements​
​The mobile caravan visits Lake Brunner School annually. Should you require urgent treatment please contact the nurse, Raewyn McLeod, 0272370029. 
​Sun Sense​
Whilst the school supplies sunblock for pupils to wear at playtime and lunchtime, it is appreciated if parents apply sunblock to their child/ren in the morning prior to them attending school. The wearing of a BRIMMED sunhat is compulsory during terms 1 and 4 when students are outside. 

The school is well equipped.  Children are encouraged to leave personal possessions at home.​
Teachers cannot be responsible for valuable articles brought to school by children.​
Educational and Related Services​
​The school maintains contact with and utilises where necessary a variety of outside specialist agencies. These include: 
a) West Coast District Health Board
b) Special Education Services​
c) The Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour​
d) The Resource Teacher of Literacy​
Children with specific needs may be referred to one of the above services. Parental permission may be necessary to access some of these services and this is done in consultation with the Principal and class teacher. 
School Newsletters to Parents and Community​
​Newsletters are sent out with the children once every fortnight. Outside groups/organisations are able to include items in the newsletters. These need to be into the secretary by 1.30 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the Wednesday newsletter.
The Board of Trustees​
Elections for the Board of Trustees are held every 3 years. The Board works from the National Educational Guidelines, as set down by the Ministry of Education.
Two meetings are held each term. Parents are welcome to attend as observers. School policies and procedures and our Charter are available at the school and minutes of Board of Trustees meetings can be viewed at any time. ​
The Board of Trustees would appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Please check the school newsletter for the next meeting date.
Lake Brunner District Fundraising Committee
Meetings are held when necessary (2 - 3 per year) and all parents are encouraged to attend. The Fundraising Committee organise fund-raising for the school with activities such as;​
• Raffles​
• Catering​
• Coast to Coast breakfast at Aickens (February)​
• Quiz nights​
• Assisting with consultation​
Please support fundraising activities to assist your child/ren.​
(Funds raised go towards subsidising EOTC events and camps, sports equipment, extra library books etc).
Working Bees​
​From time to time the school holds working bees. Parent support for these is greatly appreciated and they are also a great way of meeting other parents.

Use of School Grounds Out of Hours​
People are free to use the school grounds out of school hours at their own risk, however, children under 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult. Please respect the grounds and buildings, and report any damage to a member of the Staff or Board of Trustees.